Henry Harrison Markham

Henry Harrison Markham


Significant Facts

Born: November 16, 1840 in Wilmington, New York
Died: October 9, 1923 in Pasadena, California
Married: Mary Dana on May 17, 1876 in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Political Party: Republican


Father: Nathan B. Markham
Mother: Susan McLeod
Wife: Mary Dana
Children: Marie, Alice, Gertrude, Genevieve, and Hildreth

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Did You Know?

  • Governor Markham once came upon a woman and her son on the street who had just been evicted from their home for not paying rent. He went up to the door and then walked with the boy to the corner, where he told him that he had seen a key in the lock of the door. When the boy went back to his mother they mounted the steps and found a $100 bill tucked in the keyhole. Meanwhile, Markham had slipped quietly away




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