Henry Haight

Henry Haight


Significant Facts

Born: May 20, 1825 in Rochester, NY
Died: September 2, 1878 in San Francisco, CA
Married: Anna E. Bissell on January 24, 1855
Political Party: Democrat


Father: Fletcher M. Haight
Mother: Elizabeth Stuart MacLachlan
Wife: Anna E. Bissell
Children: Janette, Mary, Dugald, Henry H., Jr., Louis

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Did You Know?

  • Henry Haight was a descendent of Sir Ewen Cameron, a well-known Scottish Chieftain
  • In 1869, Haight foresaw that tourists would visit California, “attracted to the most sublime scenery on the Continent and thousands will come to repair physical constitutions racked by the extremes of climate, the inclement air, and the miasma of the State east of the mountains.”




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