John McDougal

2nd Governor, Independent Democrat

Inaugural Address

Delivered: January 9, 1851


The resignation of the Governor of our State was this day communicated to your respective bodies. Under the requirements of the Constitution, the duties of that office devolve upon the Lieut. Governor. In assuming, therefore, the high and responsible trusts of the Chief Magistrate of our State, I must take occasion to say that I do so with many distrusts of a proper ability to discharge them with that wisdom so essential in our new and anomalous condition; relying, however, upon your characteristic liberality, and that of our fellow-citizens, to regard with an indulgent consideration whatever I may do in my new capacity, I can only give the assurance that in the discharge of my Administrative duties I shall endeavor to be governed and guided by a determination singly to the prosperity and happiness of our people. You have met, gentlemen, under peculiar and extraordinary circumstances. You have assumed upon yourselves an amount of labor, the importance of which cannot be overrated nor too frequently reverted to; and I trust that in all of your Legislative labors, you may be governed by that calmness and consideration so necessary to sound and practical Legislation, giving you assurance of my energetic operation in all matters necessary to further the wishes and interests of a confiding constituency.

John McDougal.