William Stephens

24th Governor, Republican

First Inaugural Address

Delivered: March 15, 1917

Second Inaugural Address - January 7, 1919


The Chief Executive of our State having resigned, I have taken, in accordance with our Constitution, the oath of office as Governor.

Realizing the responsibilities of the trust I am assuming, I here and now dedicate myself anew to California.

Members of the Senate and Assembly, to you as well as to the Governor, the people look for conscientious, efficient, unselfish service. Working together we will not disappoint them.

Within a few days, I shall take the opportunity of communicating to you some suggestions concerning the State's welfare.

With your help, I shall endeavor to carry on and strengthen those sound governmental policies for which we have labored so long.

I shall earnestly strive to guard and to extend the remarkable human welfare and public welfare legislation accomplished during the last six years, by the people of California, under the leadership of my distinguished predecessor, Governor Johnson.

We must continue to advance. There must be no lagging in our efforts.

May God grant that these forward steps be taken with our State and people prospering and our nation honorably at peace with all the world.